I asked a friend if I could give a college on his university. Unexpected he agreed very quick and within a week I could prepare a college about Tourism at the final class of the university. It cost me eight hours to prepare, it is a lot for one hour, but I did it with a lot of joy for these young Albanians.

Cycling paths in my home village
I will talk about general tourism in the Netherlands, zoom in to the city of Delft and the village Nunspeet and share 12 exiting existing tourist ideas. Also personal (business) values and my vision at the tourism I see I will share. If there is time we will have a look as introcution to the movie The Netherlands second.

Love to Inspire
I’m thankful for this opportunity to inspire. That’s also the reason why i have a weblog for eight years and wrote more than 1800 articles. My wish and hope is that the college will be a blessing for them, inspire and motivate the fourty students in their personality and profession.

Two documents are downloadable: 1) the hand out (.pdf) and 2) my personal speaking notes (.pdf).