Hieronder een Engels verslag van een hulpreis die een groep Engelsen maakten. Ik mocht de 16-jarige Ruth inteviewen.

16-year old Ruth Nuevo left Bristol, England and travelled to Albania for a mission trip, together with 25 others; where they undertook social work and organisation at a football camp. It was her first time in Albania, to help the Kenedi Foundation and she’s sharing her experience.

DSC01114Other girls at my age are traveling to the Costa Brava or Sunny Beach, but I chose another holiday destination. My father went several times on mission trips and I decided to follow him and experience another culture. Also eleven of my church youth group were joning this holiday destination.

Fundraising by playing guitar
I prepared myself with research on the internet, attended preparation meetings and personal fundraising by playing solo guitar in the mainstreets of Bristol to cover the project costs.

Emotional person
Before I came to Albania, I thought I would cry a lot, because I’m an emotional person. Also I had some thoughts about how the people were living here. I expected to get a culture shock. I have cried a lot, but the culture shock was less than expected. Inside the houses, when you hear the personal stories, it can be very upsetting but the city of Korce, looks good.

While others of the group organised football camps, we visited the orphanage daily with fifty physically and mentally handicapt persons. We had a good time together and did drawing, told biblical stories and had a few parties with nail painting and eating cake. It was a wonderful time.

Leave my heart
I’m going home to England soon, but I leave my heart here. Beni, one of the handicapped orphans gave me a picture of him with my father some years ago. This was a highlight for me to be at the same place where my father has been.

This trip has changed my life definitely, and I am excited about how this will change me personally and my life in England. I’m thankful for the time I had here to experience Albania, help at the orphanage and the fun we had as a group.

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